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This article appeared in the January 2007 issue of
Desert Exposure


Walking the Walk

Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths
offer meditative walkers the chance to
empty the mind, breathe deep and unwind.

By Donna Clayton Lawder
Desert Exposure / January 2007

The air is cold, the sky still dark and full of stars. There is no sound, save the slight crunch of the frozen ground underfoot. It is just 5 a.m., the morning of New Year's Eve.

On this cold, quiet morning, friends and strangers have traveled to gather on a starlit mesa in Glenwood. As if trying to preserve the silence around them, they greet each other with smiles and soft hellos, breath frozen in the air. New Year's revelry far from their minds, they have come to meditate, to pray for peace. And they have come here, specifically, to walk the labyrinths.

Cordelia Rose, who has built these specialized stone pathways on her property atop Whitewater Mesa north of Glenwood, is reflecting on the recent World Healing Day, an annual event celebrated simultaneously in spots around the world. A non-denominational, non-political event that grew out of the efforts of the Quartus Foundation, the observance draws people together for prayer circles, meditation and other forms of spiritual union and peaceful communion. Participants gather in church halls, community centers and basements of private homes.

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