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Workshops - Labyrinth Walks & Talks / Dates tba

Labyrinth Walks & Talks varies each year and is generally a one and a half day event held on a weekend in spring or fall. Please contact us for dates. It is hosted by Cordelia Rose, labyrinth maker and yoga teacher and is led by Ben Nicholson, labyrinth designer and a professor of Architecture at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Saturday Morning Session - Talks, 10am to noon.  Led by Ben Nicholson. 

Ben Nicholson discusses labyrinths, their history and variations, answers questions, and shows how to draw both a Classic labyrinth and more complex designs. Tips are given on constructing your own labyrinth. Participants are given a "How To" ribbon and a selection of Benís new labyrinth designs. These constructions can be practiced in the raked earth, so that participants can build their own labyrinth at home.

3 & 5 circuit Labyrinths at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2008. Ben Nicholson

David Blonski didgeridoo and flute player, tai chi teacher and labyrinth builder reveals the healing properties of the didgeridoo's vibrations. David discusses how different labyrinth designs affect the body in different ways, and shows how labyrinths and music tie together to enrich human growth potential. David is available to play and heal throughout Walks & Talks.


The Saturday Afternoon Session  - Walks, 2 to 5pm - is held in the labyrinths. Cordelia Rose leads a demonstration of horses being ridden in equine labyrinths Syzygy and Troy Ride. These are two of only a few such permanent equine labyrinths worldwide. Dr. Louise Cash DC CAC, chiropractor for horses and humans, will ride one of her horses and then discuss the training and healing uses of labyrinths for horses. The short film "Horses, Humans & Healing in the Labyrinth" about Equine Assisted Therapy will be shown. Cordelia will present the results of a survey of equine labyrinth users and owners suggesting best practice.

Dr. Louise Cash

Participants are then led in creating an ephemeral Shuffle Labyrinth from memorized designs. The labyrinth is created by the shuffling of feet in raked earth. Ben will lead a walk & talk of Two Stones Kneeling labyrinth. The difference between walking a labyrinth and a maze is experienced by puzzling the way through Equinox Maze. Participants may walk the Troy Ride labyrinth to experience an equine labyrinth on their own two feet.

Cordelia has created a Maypole Dance for a labyrinth. She asks for 15 volunteers and explains and leads a Maypole dance in the Classic labyrinth. Dancers each hold long ribbons, which are tied to the top of the Maypole, and follow Cordelia around the labyrinth weaving the ribbons as they travel along the path. As the dancers exit the labyrinth the woven ribbons furl and unfurl around the maypole. Cordelia will also lead a Danish dance which does not weave the ribbons, and a Swedish dance which can include everyone and does not use ribbons at all.

The Saturday Evening session - 7pm onwards
Drumming of the Labyrinths
and a Circle Ceremony is led by Durelle Freeman, a member of the
Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a professional counselor. She uses the ancient wisdom connected to drumming activity as a path to healing and urges people to experience the effects of drumming and walking labyrinths not only as a way to have fun, but to create "brain synchrony" - an opportunity to enhance creativity and acute awareness among other transpersonal effects. Participants are invited to bring and play their instruments and join in the drumming with special guest David Blonski playing didgeridoo and flute or just dance under the stars and the new moon in the circle of Shuffle Labyrinth. Other labyrinths are softly lit so that participants may walk them at their own pace.

The Sunday Session - 9am to 12 noon - Participants are invited to return to Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths for breakfast and continue discussions in informally led groups. Discussions are open and could relate to advanced labyrinth design, equine labyrinth design, maypole dancing, or any other subject that the previous day might suggest. Participants may also walk the labyrinths and maze until dusk and may practice making ephemeral labyrinths in the Shuffle Labyrinth tabla rasa.

A sunhat and a flashlight and jacket for the evening event. Water and lemonade, folding chairs and tables are provided. Rest room is provided.

Meals are included in the registration fee. Saturday lunch and dinner is provided on site at Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths catered by local restaurants in Glenwood and Alma. Sunday breakfast will be provided on site by Alma Grill.  Let us know if you require vegetarian meals?

Registration fee:
US $175.00. Glenwood 88039 residents register at no charge and may
contact Cordelia Rose to purchase meal tickets.

Payment by Paypal
You can pay via your existing PayPal account or create one now and pay by that method. Or pay without a paypal account with your credit card via this same button. We will email you shortly after receipt with a registration form as we will need some additonal information.

Payment by check
Once dates are announced, a registration form will be posted here on this page.  Please complete the form and and mail with your check payable to: 
Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths
PO Box 281
Glenwood, NM 88039.

Refund Policy:
Exact dates will be posted as the event approaches but generally refunds will be 100% if requested 6 weeks prior to the event, 50% 3 weeks prior and 0% if less than 3 weeks

Please make your own reservations from the
list here.

Please make your own reservations. The closest airports are Albuquerque, NM; Tucson, AZ; and El Paso, TX. Airports are about 4 hours drive from Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths in Glenwood. There is no public transport to Glenwood. For driving directions follow
this link.  If you are interested in carpooling, let us know when and where you will arrive and depart and we will do our best to match people.

For further information, please contact Cordelia Rose.


Cordelia Rose is available to give lectures. Attendees will be given a brief history of labyrinths; learn the difference between a maze and a labyrinth; learn how to draw a labyrinth; learn how to make a labyrinth of their own; learn the uses of and ways of walking a labyrinth; see a film of Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths.

Fee plus expenses

Individual or Group Tours

Individuals or groups of visitors are welcome to come and walk the labyrinths by appointment .

Cordelia will introduce visitors to each of the four labyrinths and a maze laid out in plan. Then Cordelia will answer any questions and leave visitors to walk the labyrinths at their own pace.

Water, a table and chairs are provided on the porch. Visitors should bring sunhats and sunscreen. Dress warmly in winter and bring boots if it is the rainy season as it can get muddy on the paths.

Free, although donations towards upkeep are gratefully accepted.

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