Such Fun!
Aren't you glad that cows don't fly?
In a sea of blue
A different world! 


Fun Kite Flying Picnic and Tailgate Party

March and April are the windy months in New Mexico - and particularly so here on Whitewater Mesa. So celebrate the wind with us at our Fun Kite Flying Picnic and Tailgate Party on the first Saturday in April from Noon to Dusk. More than a hundred people bring their kites, picnics, laughter, family and friends... and something to sit on!  We provide water, lemonade, kite mending supplies and  restroom.

Free raffle drawing for a delta kite in the shape of a bee at 2.30 pm.   Plenty of space without fences to celebrate the spring winds.   Walk some labyrinths too!

Click here for directions and you can download the event flyer here.    For additonal  information don't hesitate to contact me and I look forward to seeing you.


And  thanks to Dave Thornburg for these wonderful kite photos.

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