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World Healing Day
31 December is World Healing Day.  Established by the Quartus Foundation in 1986, every year people around the world meditate to heal themselves, each other and the world. Many walk a labyrinth.  The time set is 12 noon GMT.

In New Mexico this is 5am.   Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths will be open all day from 4.30am for anyone who would like to participate in this international day of healing. 

At 5am Cordelia Rose will lead a group walk through the Pima labyrinth to contemplate healing. Pima labyrinth, of Classic or Seed design, will be softly illuminated with fairy lights enough to see your own and othersí feet treading the labyrinthís path. After dawn all four of the labyrinths and the maze can be walked individually or with family and friends in a breathtaking landscape.

If you would like to come at 5am, bring a flashlight, dress warmly.


The Alma Grill in Alma opens at 6am, is the closest place for breakfast and is also open for lunch.  Breakfast can also be had in Glenwood. 

Free or a donation towards upkeep.

Or, to find a labyrinth near you,
visit the World Wide Labyrinth Locator at:


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